What is an Appeal?

Appeals give players an opportunity to have their punishment reduced. Players are required to fill a format giving their username, why they were banned & why we should give them a second chance. Each appeal is then reviewed by a member of our appeals team, in which they will follow a set of requirements & determine whether or not your appeal is approved or denied.

Appeal Requirements:

Each and every single appeal has the same 3 basic requirements – remorse, accountability and a minimum of 50 words. If either of these requirements are not met within an appeal, it will be automatically denied. For more severe punishments, we expect players to show a clear understanding of why their actions were wrong.

Having good punctuation and grammar within an appeal will also increase the chance of the appeal being approved. All staff members when reviewing appeals follow specific guidelines – the outcome will depend on the quality of your appeal.

Not all punishments are appealable. If you are unsure if your punishment is appealable, please go to #support, make a ticket under “appeals” and fill out the format provided.

My appeal was denied, now what?

If your appeal was denied, you must either wait out the full punishment (only applies to temporary punishments) or you must wait 2 weeks in order to make a new appeal (only applies to permanent punishments) Players who attempt to make an appeal before those 2 full weeks will have the appeal automatically denied.

My appeal was approved, now what?

If your appeal was approved, your punishment will be reduced. In most cases, permanent punishments are reduced to 2-3 weeks, whereas temporary punishments are reduced to half the duration of the original punishment.

Making an appeal will not result in an instant unban/unute. Approved appeals always result in a reduced punishment.

Appeals Policies

With approved appeals, the staff are putting a lot of trust in players into giving them a second chance. Any offence that would go against that trust will result in further consequences & compromise that second chance, hence why the two policies below are enforced.

If a player is on a reduced punishment for a severe offence and they commit another offence with similar severity, whilst waiting out their reduced punishment, their original punishment will be reinstated & will no longer be able to appeal for that punishment.

Similarly, if a player is punished for a severe offence, their appeal gets approved and they are eventually unpunished, then they commit another offence with a similar level of severity – regardless if the two punishments are not the same, their offence will be non-appealable.

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