Server Warps


What are the server warps?

Server warps are an easy way to teleport to certain spots at spawn without traveling yourself to that place!


Travel to the spawn area.

Use the command /spawn


Travel here to use your crate keys given through voting to get rewards!

Use the command /warp crates


Teleports you to the leaderboards. Here you can find your personal statistics, and the leaderboards for playtime, balances and kills.

Use the command /warp leaderboards

Piñata Party

Travel to the piñata party! Every 50 votes a piñata spawns, you’ll get a chance to obtain random items by hitting it.

Use the command /warp pinata

PvP Arena

Teleports you to the arena where you can fight your friends and rivals! PvP is enabled keep inventory is disabled.

Use the command /warp PvP

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