Player Warps


What is a player warp?

Player warps are a way to visit other player’s claims and player’s personal shops. To visit a player’s pwarp, type the command /pw <PWarp Name / User> OR you can browse ALL player warps by typing /pwarp and hovering over all the items in the GUI. The items will display the owner’s IGN, which world it is in, the number of visits, and their rating. If you want to visit them, simply select their item.


/pw set [PW Name]Creates a player warp.
/pw remove [PW Name]Removes a player warp.
/pw reset [PW Name]Relocates a player warp.
/pw icon set [PW Name]Sets an item as your player warp icon.
/pw icon remove [PW Name]Removes an item as your player warp icon.
/pw setowner set [PW Name] [Username]Transfer ownership of your player warp.
/pw password set [PW Name] [Password]Sets a password for your player warp.
/pw password remove [PW Name] [Password]Removes a password from your player warp.
/pw ban set [PW Name] [Username]Bans a player from your player warp.

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