Protect your most valuable items from other players!


This feature allows you to protect your builds, chests, and mobs from getting damaged by other players. Claims are a safe place that works in multiple ways, other players won’t have access to your items unless you as the owner of the claim trust them into it.

  1. Hold a golden shovel in your hand and do /claim to create a 9×9 block expandable claim.
  2. You can also right-click one of the corners with your golden shovel and then click the opposite corner to create a claim. Again, doing this will automatically create a 9×9 block claim.

3. To expand your claim you will have to right-click the glowstone on the corner and drag it to the block that you want to include in your claim. You are all set! You can enjoy your claim.


Always include the players username after the command.

Example: /trust EurusTheGreat

/claimCreates an 9×9 claim.
/unclaimDeletes the claim you are standing on.
/trustGrants a player permission to open chests and break blocks.
/untrustRevokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/containertrustGrants a player permission to use buttons, levers, beds, crafting, chests and animals.
/permissiontrustGrants a player permission to share their permission level with others. This means that the player will have permission to modify the claim and trust other players.
/accesstrustGrants a player permission to use buttons, levers, and beds.
/claimlistLists a player’s claims details (Coordinates)
/untrust allRevokes all the players trusted in your claim.
/abandonclaimDeletes the claim you are standing on.
/abandonallclaimsDeletes all your claims.
/trustlistProvides players with a list of the players trusted for the claim you are standing on.
/trappedTeleports away a trapped player in a claim.

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