Auction House


The auction house is a feature that allows players to put their items for sale without making direct deals and leaving them up for sale even after logging off the server. If a player decided to buy items from a seller the amount of penya will be added to the seller’s account immediately.


The auction house is a good way to sell items for whatever price you would like. If you type the command /ah then you will be prompted with all of the currently listed items on the auction house. Items will be cycled out every 48 hours. To buy an item, simply click the item and press confirm. Once you have bought the item, you will need to type /ah again and go down to the emerald click Bought Items and remove the items to your inventory.

Selling Items
  1. Hold an item in your hand.
  2. Type /ah sell <amount of penya>
    EXAMPLE: /ah sell 69
  3. Use the command /ah to check that your action appears on the front page.

How to remove items from the AH?
  1. Type /ah to display the auction house menu.
  2. Click on “Current Listings”
  3. Left Click your item


/ahDisplays the auction house menu
/ah sell <amount>This command lets you auction any item.

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